Prince Edward County is made up of many smaller communities…so how do you know which one is right for you? We’ve put together our top PEC community picks for every kind of buyer!

I want to retire to the County….consider Wellington and Picton.

Family with kids? Head to Ameliasburgh or Picton.

We’re DINKS: double-income, no kids.  You’ll be in good company in Hillier, Wellington and Bloomfield.

I have a generous budget and want to live the high’ll find your people in Rednersville and on West Lake.

I’m an Artist. You’ll be comfortable in most parts of the County, but artists often flock to Bloomfield.

I’m a hipster (or at least that’s what my friends call me)...head to Wellington or Bloomfield.

I want to remodel or renovate. Consider Consecon and East Lake.

I want to be biking distance to wineries… Hillier is wine country.

We want to get in on the next best thing before everyone else. We predict Consecon, baby.

Or maybe the next, next best thing is more our style. East Lake it is. Or maybe Milford.

I love old houses! Character and heritage charm. Head to Bloomfield.

I want to be where the cool kids are. Even if it’s a little over-hyped. Sounds like you’re talking about Wellington.

We want a new home that we can just move into. You’ll find plenty of options in Ameliasburgh and Hillier.

Wait…that newer home needs to come with minimal maintenance. Head to Picton’s condos and townhouses.

I want to build my dream home. On a big lot.  Drive just 10 minutes outside of Wellington, Bloomfield and Consecon for plenty of vacant land options.

Water. I need water. Then you’ll be happy in much of the County.

But that waterfront needs to be affordable. Head to Sophiasburgh or Waupoos.

We’re planning on using our Prince Edward county cottage in the summer months only…East Lake and West Lake have fabulous seasonal cottage opportunities.

Airbnb. I want to Airbnb my PEC home. Our top pick? Hillier. Followed closely by Wellington, Picton and Bloomfield.

I’m a non-emotional investor and it’s all about the math for me. Consider multiplexes in Picton or mixed commercial/residential in Wellington or Bloomfield.

Still not sure? Get in touch and we’ll connect you with a local agent who can help you pick the perfect Prince Edward County community for you!


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