Over the past few years, Prince Edward County (PEC) has seen a surge of people moving to the area’s hamlets, towns and communities…and dare I say, I think the trend has only just begun.

Who’s moving to Prince Edward County?

  • Rat-race dropouts looking to build a new, more meaningful life.
  • Toronto real estate lotto winners longing to live a mortgage-free life.
  • Families seeking to raise their kids in a kinder, gentler, safer community.
  • Artists looking to chase their dream of being part of a thriving artisan community.
  • Early retirees. Late retirees. Snowbirds.

If you’re looking to build a new life in PEC, get some inspiration from people who’ve already done it. The Build a New Life website chronicles the stories of people who’ve successfully made the move to the County.

Looking to retire? Make sure to read our Guide to Retiring in Prince Edward County for all our best tips.

If you’re thinking of moving to Prince Edward County, here are the important facts you need to know.

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