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Sometimes in Prince Edward County, it can feel like The Hipster Restaurants are taking over. While I’m actually a sucker for a funky place with some attitude, sometimes the situation just doesn’t call for it. Hangovers come to mind. Or those days when you can barely get out of pyjamas.

Here are some of the best zero-attitude 100% real places to get guaranteed kale-free grub in PEC. These are not fancy, and they’re not hip places pretending not to be fancy. Please, whatever you do, set your expectations to reasonable, and leave your city impatience and attitude at home. It may be greasy. Service will be normal. Don’t embarrass yourself expecting a hipster pseudo diner.

Note: I’ve chosen not to simply list every no-attitude place, as there are actually unpretentious places that are still terrible. Bad is still bad. These are good. Just not fancy.

Best Breakfasts in PEC

Lighthouse Restaurant Picton PEC

The Lighthouse 

Gus’s Family Restaurant – Picton. The original diner (for me, anyway–it was the first diner I ate at in the County). Traditional family-style restaurant with big portions and good value. The kind of place my father-in-law orders liver & onions. Friendly. Good for kids and people watching. Open for dinner, too. 189 Picton main st

The Lighthouse – at the Picton Harbour Inn. At the east end of Picton are the city’s harbour & marina. Part of the Inn and only open for breakfast and lunch, the Lighthouse Restaurant is super popular with locals so if you go at a busy time (like a holiday weekend) you may have to wait. 33 Bridge Street

Darlin Debbie’s – Rossmore. You’re most likely to end up here while visiting the LCBO, getting gas and basics at the Petrocan, or meat at the local secret Gilmour’s Meats. Darlin Debbie only has a few tables and it’s not health food, but if you’re craving a greasy breakfast this fits the bill. In the mini-mall on highway 62, on the southern end of the bridge from Belleville. 5503 Hwy 6


More Than Breakfast

The Vic Drive-In – Picton. A modern diner in the heart of Picton. (Not really a drive-in.) A fun menu–think milkshakes, all-day breakfasts, burgers & tater tots with everything. One of our regular haunts.

Strato's Pizzeria

Strato’s Pizza

Strato’s Pizza – Consecon. Is it Greek? Or is it a pizzeria? Well, it’s both. The pizza is what people talk about most, but there aren’t many Greek options in the area so I’m always tempted. Clearly Greek owners from the name, but the Greek parts of the menu weren’t as good as the pizza (although the dolmades were great)! Does take out too. Pretty random location with the advantage of little competition. 20018 Loyalist Parkway, Consecon

Schooners Fish & Chips – Picton. Exactly what you expect from the old-school sign outside. Wrapped in paper. No booze. Pretty much just fish, chips and chowder. As advertised! 72 Picton main st

Goin’ Coastal food truck – next location TBD. This one’s in honour of my nephew Jack, who never comes to PEC without insisting we eat here at least once. As the same suggests, it’s a seafood-themed truck, with po’boys, lobster rolls, clam strips and scallops (pretty much all deep fried), as well as more usual fare like pogo sticks, burgers, poutine, deep fried pickles…you get the drill. A guilty pleasure. Seasonal, closing around the end of September. NOT a hipster food truck (not that there is anything wrong with that…there are some excellent food trucks in the county, but that’s going to be a different post.) 114 Lake Street, Picton

Bullfrog’s Eatery – Bloomfield. Yes, you read that right: eatery. Not restaurant, or diner…eatery. Pizza, subs and burgers (which are shockingly popular). Mostly just breakfast and lunch. As one reviewer, thrilled that it’s wasn’t a “precious County brunch place,” put it: “there’s no art for sale on the wall.”  2 Wellington Street, Bloomfield


R.I.P CLOSED: Skyline Tavern – Trenton. The one, the only, the legend. The sign and decor say it all. Stuck in a delicious time warp. Before I ate here I tried to mock the retro atmosphere and many came to Skyline’s defense as a genuinely awesome place. An institution, with jukeboxes at each booth and a menu that probably hasn’t changed either. (Plus, why the heck are you in Trenton? Are you lost? This isn’t the County.) 47 Dundas Street, Trenton

Skyline Tavern Trenton



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