Looking to buy a home or cottage in Prince Edward County? Historical price data for Prince Edward County real estate is tracked according to the area’s 10 wards:

  • Picton
  • Bloomfield
  • Wellington
  • Hillier
  • Hallowell (which includes the areas surrounding Picton and Bloomfield and West Lake)
  • Ameliasburgh (which includes the villages of Consecon, Rednersville, Rossmore and Carrying Place)
  • Athol (including East Lake)
  • Sophiasburgh (which includes Demorestville, Northport and the Big Island)
  • North Marysburgh (Waupoos, Lake on the Mountain, Glenora and Cressy)
  • South Marysburgh (Cherry Valley and Milford)

Here’s what you need to know about how much it costs to buy a home in the County: