Welcome to our totally biased, not-at-all-comprehensive and likely to change summary of our favourite places to eat serious food in Prince Edward County. Oh, and it’s no longer just 5.
We have been surprised by how much feedback we’ve received about this list! People are passionate about their PEC food. Keep in mind this 100% based on our own personal experiences and taste, and not intended to be a comprehensive ranking of any kind.

NOTE: There have been SO many changes since COVID that this list will need to be completely rebuilt. We plan to eat our way around PEC as best we can this year and create a new list. 🙂

Merrill House | Picton

Probably the fanciest outfit in the County. Prices to match, so be prepared–but great food and atmosphere. Perfect for a special occasion.  Review to come.

7 Numbers | Picton

Excellent Italian. Review to come!

The Marans | Picton

Outstanding. Review to come!

Sand and Pearl | West Lake

Wow, what a fun splash these girls made right off the bat. Good for them. Ultra-fresh seafood, always oysters, a playful fun atmosphere, and, let’s be honest, almost zero competition nearby (that won’t last long). Minimal non-seafood options, but that’s kind of the point. Lots of special events. Restricted hours in shoulder season, rolling to closed in the off-season.

Named one of Canada’s 10 best new restaurants in EnRoute’s 2018 rankings.

Bloomfield Public House | Bloomfield

Bloomfield Public House

Bloomfield Public House

BPH took a while to get open (their renovation of a former bank was probably more fun to watch than to do), and they did a great job until the pandemic made them pivot. These days they operate as more of a prepared food market with counter service and tables out front. Quality is still top-notch, and these guys are not done yet. Expect more pivots.

The front bar with a garage door window that’s open when it’s warm is a great place to head for a coffee or pint from nearby Matron Fine Beer.

La Condesa | Wellington

Mexican. Review to come

Bocado | Picton

Spanish tapas and more. Review to come

Sujeo | Picton

Excellent, extremely authentic Korean. Review to come

Runners Up

Flame & Smith, Bloomfield | Toronto sensibility and price comes to the county

The Drake Devonshire, Wellington | Good, popular, but a predictable choice

The Restaurant at Waupoos Estates, Waupoos | Lovely spot and view, wonderful food. Fancier but not pretentious

The Miller House, Lake on the Mountain | Good food with a ridiculously good view

Hartley’s Tavern, Picton | Food far above tavern-level

Lastly, we still hold a candle for the Jamie Kennedy Summer Dinner Series, which continues to be on “hiatus” but which we all hope comes back one day. Legendary.

Lost | R.I.P

Blumen Garden Restaurant | Picton CLOSED

Agrarian Bistro | Bloomfield CLOSED

The Marans | Picton  CLOSED

East & Main | Wellington CLOSED


  1. Patrick "Bear" Maloney says:

    Folks, this site needs to be updated as The Agrarian in Bloomfield is no longer open and the Bloomfield Public has changed to being a Market and a take out place. The best restaurant in Bloomfield is Flame and Smith, period.

    • The pandemic certainly wreaked havoc on lists like this that were originally done before COVID, and with the speed of change in the restaurant scene, it didn’t seem to make sense to update this until things had washed out a little.
      We have done a quick cleanup of things for now, but as new places get established we plan to do another “tour” as it were.

      Flame + Smith is very good, although we’ve had both great successes and service stumbles there so chose to leave it on our Runners Up list until we had a more consistent thumbs-up. Also, like the Drake Devonshire, F+S is kind of a predictable choice for those coming from outside PEC, and we really prefer to showcase places that might not be as obvious to the kind of person looking for this kind of list!

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