Who is the BREL team?

The BREL team is a group of top-performing Toronto REALTORS on a mission to change how people buy and sell real estate. We don’t BS. We’re real and transparent. We’re responsive and available. We obsess about details. We believe in doing the right thing for the long-term.

So why a website about Prince Edward County?

In 2016, the BREL team’s founders and leaders, Brendan Powell and Melanie Piche, bought a house in Prince Edward County. (It’s Melanie writing this by the way – I’m the voice behind most of the articles on this website).

After falling in love with PEC through years of visiting wineries and eating cheese in the County, we leaped into home ownership here while on a weekend trip to the Great Canadian Cheese Festival in Picton. (I wasn’t kidding about the cheese). We’ve never looked back.

Since our purchase, we’ve been approached by many of our clients and friends looking to invest in PEC. We love the County. We love owning a second home here. And we want more people to fall in love and buy homes or retire here too.

When we were buying in PEC, we noticed a lack of local real estate-related information online…and we craved more information about the communities and what to do here. And so…GetWhatYouWantInTheCounty was born.

So the BREL team operates in Toronto AND Prince Edward County?

No. Not really.

We know what we know, and we know what we don’t know.

Local expertise is critical when buying or selling real estate, and despite having sold hundreds of Toronto homes ourselves, we hired a real estate agent to help us buy in PEC.

We’ve partnered with some of the best local real estate agents in Prince Edward County to help service our clients and the readers of this website. It’s a win/win/win:

  • We get to share our passion for PEC on this website.
  • People read it and fall in love with Prince Edward County too.
  • More cool people buy houses here with agents they can depend on.

We stand behind the REALTORS we connect with our clients and readers.

Bonus for us: if some of our readers decide to buy or sell with BREL in Toronto. Yay!

So what do these Magical Local Prince Edward County REALTORS do?

  • They introduce Buyers to the communities of Prince Edward County;
  • They educate Buyers about scary stuff like septic tanks and water wells;
  • They don’t BS;
  • They give solid advice about prices. They negotiate. They take care of all the paperwork;
  • They make sure Buyers don’t buy the wrong house. Or in the wrong community;


  • They represent PEC Sellers who want to be connected to Buyers in Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal.

Thinking of buying or selling in Prince Edward County? Get in touch, and we’ll connect you with the best local agents.