Driving through the Milford and South Marysburgh area is like stepping into a different era, a snapshot of old rural Ontario.

The hamlet of Milford, self-proclaimed as the ‘hamlet of friendliness’, is the only real village in the South Marysburgh area. Just at the beginning of its renewal, vacant storefronts are frequently under renovation. Located on the Black River, Milford’s roots date back to the early 1800’s when it was a busy timber milling centre.

Mill Pond, approximately 1.2 km long, is gorgeous – while not suitable for watersports, the locals can often be spotted swinging from the rope swing and taking a quick dip. With the Millpond Conservation Area (with picnic areas and the mill dam) and the Prince Edward Point Bird Observatory located in the Prince Edward Point National Wildlife area, it’s a nature-lovers dream come true.

Is the South Marysburgh/Milford area one of the County’s next best things? It might be. It has affordable cottages and homes, large acreages available for new construction and it’s close to East Lake and recreational activities.

Looking for something to do in South Marysburgh? There’s a community theatre (the Mount Tabor Community Playhouse), the Milford Market on Saturday mornings (with live entertainment, local produce and baked goods), an annual fair in September and a winter carnival in January. Several bed and breakfasts greet tourists looking to explore the County in peace and tranquillity.

There are wineries here too, so make sure to check out Long Dog Winery and Light Hall Winery.

Real Estate in Milford/South Marysburgh

Milford and South Marysburgh offer Buyers some of the most affordable homes and acreages in the County. Newly built homes pepper the landscape of mostly older homes and working farms, primed for redevelopment and renovation.

You’ll get more bang for your buck in Milford and South Marysburgh than you will in many other parts of the County.

Must Do in Milford

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